This Valentine's Day is going to be a bit different - no hotel break, no night out dancing or romantic dinner in your favourite tapas restaurant. It's looking like your Significant Other is the new definition of the Workplace Romance but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate with one another! 

Dress up, grab a bottle of champagne and transform your place into a cosy night in with one of our tapas boxes!

get a tapas box 
for valentine's weekend

We are delivering Thursday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday with free delivery in the M50.



AND includes:


Starter dish, main tapas, side, dessert and a bottle of Wine or Cava!

  • Roasted Almonds, Marinated & Spicy Olives.

  • A pillar candle, Spotify playlists & a video to create the Port House atmosphere.

  • A  booklet with step by step instructions to prepare and enjoy a tapas style meal.

Some Extra Information

Some of the dishes contain allergens, see allergens guide on the menu.


Free delivery within Dublin & outside of Dublin with an additional delivery charge.

We will deliver from 9am up to 7 pm, depending on our delivery route.

Once the Tapas Box has been delivered, simply unpack the ingredients and keep them refrigerated until you’re ready to cook!

Each tapas box will have a minimum of two-day best before date marked on the label of each product, which lets you know the exact date of production, when to use it by and all ingredients information and allergens guide.

Please always use by the ‘best before’ date for the best possible Port House @ Home experience.

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valentine's weekend

We are operating as usual this Valentine's Weekend. Below are the opening times of our pre-ordering slots. Please note that there is a maximum number of slots per day so it may be better to have your box delivered a day or two before as our food lasts for three days after delivery.


Our ordering platform opens 6 days before the order date so:


Orders for Thursday 11th February opened Friday 5th of February


Orders for Friday 12th February opened 6th of February


Orders for Saturday 13th February opens 7th of February


Orders for Sunday 14th February opens 8th of February


Orders close midnight the day before delivery, we are operating on a first-come-first-served basis.

You can purchase a pre-made tapas box with wine or Cava for you and your loved one, or pick and choose your Spanish feast!


We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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